This reopening plan is designed to safeguard the health and safety of our customers and staff while Covid-19 transmission remains a risk. 

Facility & Staff

  • No visitors are allowed at this point. If you do not have a reservation, please contact the desk by email - 
  • Protective transparent barriers are placed at the front desk. 
  • Staff, coaches and customers shall wear masks at all times while inside the club. Masks are optional during play.
  • Players shall arrive no more than 10 minutes in advance of play, dressed for play. We ask that you exit the facility once play has finished.
  • We ask that all staff and players maintain physical distance when possible and maintain proper hygiene. Signage is posted around the facility as a reminder.
  • Chairs in the reception area are placed in accordance to guidelines and should not be moved elsewhere.
  • Towel service will be suspended. You may bring your own towel.
  • Locker rooms are limited to restrooms only, only 2 people at a time. Showers are inaccessible at this time.
  • The gym area is closed at this time.
  • Demo rackets service will be suspended.
  • Drinking fountain will be disconnected. It is recommended that customers bring their own water bottles.
  • Desk staff shall every 2 hours wipe down any
    commonly touched or used office equipment as well as door knobs and surfaces.


  • Commonly touched surfaces (door handles, counters, sinks, toilets, lockers, etc) will be disinfected every 2 hours.
  • Ball baskets and any other court equipment should be cleaned every 2 hours.
  • Hand sanitizer and soap will be made available at sinks and other locations. 

Play & Programming 

  • Arrive 10 minutes or less prior to when you need to start play.
  • Before play, players should wash hands with soap and water (for 20 seconds or longer), or use a hand sanitizer.
  • Coach should be the only person handling balls and hoppers during lessons. Students may assist by using their rackets to direct balls to the net when picking up.
  • The coach is ultimately responsible to maintain physical distancing during a lesson.
  • Programming will follow government guidelines as to class sizes. During phase 3 of reopening, programs will be limited to no more than 4 on the court.
  • No serving during group classes (to ensure students don’t handle balls).
  • Games and matches should be done where players rarely, if ever switch sides of the court, and if they do then they must maintain physical distance while doing so.
  • For open play reservations (no coach), customers can not use the teaching ball carts. Bring your own or purchase new cans at the desk.
  • For private lessons requiring serving, students should bring or purchase 2 cans of balls for their own use.

We are excited to resume programs and wish you all a summer full of good health and fun times!